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3 years ago

UNACCEPTABLE - Slow and Intermittent Upload Speeds

My family and I have been loyal Cox users for over 3 years now. We have had great download loads speeds for watching videos, playing games, etc but it wasn't until I started a gaming channel that I noticed how bad the upload speeds were in my area.

For the longest time, I was blaming the streaming platforms that I was using - XSplit Broadcaster and Streamlabs - simply because every time I would contact Cox for Support, their response was always, "we've run tests, it's not us - it's you". Over a year later and after months of good and bad service, I started doing a lot of research on bitrate issues and uploads speeds.

Guess what I find? Cox Forums

Seems I'm not the only one who has been having the EXACT same issue as me and before we get into running diagnostics all over again - we ran 3 diagnostics today alone and have a service tech coming out tomorrow - just to delay what we already know, COX needs to start taking ownership and holding themselves responsible for the problems they know exist on their end.

I have found at least 3 other users in this forum that are from Las Vegas and have reported the issue over the course of at least 2 years. Why aren't more people reporting the issue? Because most people don't pay attention to their upload speeds. Most people only need acceptable download speeds to take care of their needs and it isn't until you decide to create a podcast or start a gaming channel that you become aware of the upload speed issues with Cox.

Not only are the upload speeds slower than advertised, they are also very intermittent and spike so high and low that I can't keep my stream running. There are times when everything works fine but nothing consistent.

It's not my computer or other devices because they are all reporting the same issue with upload speeds.

Yes, it could be the modem but every time I speak with a Cox support team, all they do is reset my modem and say everything is working fine. 

The truth is, I don't care what the issue is, I just want it fixed. I am paying close to $200 for a service that is not delivering as advertised. I am tired of my equipment being blamed when...

1) I recently bought a new higher-end PC that is having the same issue

2) I know my way around a computer

Stop with the blanket excuses and template responses. This is straight ridiculous and I hope more people step up, see and report these issues so that we can get the issue fixed or stop using Cox altogether.

At this point, I would rather use my 5g hotspot. At least it's WAY MORE RELIABLE!

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    It’s happening in all of their markets. They don’t care. 

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    And BTW, I talked to 3 Support Agents earlier today. When I spoke with the 3rd agent, she/he claimed that they didn't have any notes or evidence to show that I had already been helped earlier - that SAME DAY. Are they purposely not keeping track so that they can continue to waste time and run the exact same diagnostic with their customers over and over again?

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      @MikeRock, I recommend sending us an email with your full name, address, and a link to this thread (or description of this concern) to -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.