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4 years ago

Trouble accessing Japanese sites for the last few weeks


I've been having difficulty accessing a few Japanese sites in the last few weeks seemingly at random.  There are two in particular that I'm questioning: and to a lesser extent, Yahoo Japan auctions (  The former is a music game database that I have used for years and I can only access if I use my mobile phone where I can switch to my carrier signal (aka disable Wi-Fi).  However, when I go through Cox, I get the message about the connection taking too long to respond.  With Yahoo Japan, the site is extremely slow now.  Due to the nature of this being an auction site, I cannot reliably expect to bid effectively if I have to constantly wait for the signal to come through because something has suddenly changed within Cox (again, this site loads perfectly fine outside of Cox).  Can someone please look into this?

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    Hi DualEdge,

    Could you bypass your router and connect a PC directly to your modem? Then, please check to see if you can access those sites from your PC.

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