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7 years ago

trouble accessing site

trying to access a site and keep getting this message -

This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found.

  • Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.


seems to be just this particular site.. can anyone help?

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  • Hi April18, There have been reports of this error if using Chrome. If you are by chance using Chrome, I'd recommend to ensure you are using the most updated version. Also try using a different browser to see if you are still receiving the error. Latitia Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    Having the same issue with  Have tried Chrome (latest version) Internet Explorer (latest version), on a laptop and a desktop, 2 tablets and 2 cell phones using wifi. The only way I can connect to the site is by turning off wifi and connecting on my phone with cellular data. I have turned off the firewall in McAfee and also the firewall on my router. No difference. Appears to be an issue with Cox?