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The cable is not buried 7 weeks after installation

My internet was installed in mid-September.  The technician had to run a new line from the connection near the street to my house.  I was promised that the cable will be buried within 2 weeks.  It didn't happen.  I called after two weeks, I was given a Oct 14 installation date.  Oct 14 came and went but nothing happened.  So I called again and was told late last week (10/25) or early this week (10/28), the contractor will bury the cable.  Today is Halloween, Oct 31, Thursday.  Still nothing has been done.  It is bad enough that you have lost control and tracking of your contractor who does the job, it is even worse that Cox employees have given me bad info repeatedly,  As a customer, I have the right to know which day or which week when my cable will be buried and that those dates your employees provide should not be empty promises.

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    Same drill here!   Its now 2 months for me!!!! Cable still laying across driveway and along sidewalk.   Not  one single email, text, or phone call from Cox as to schedule for this.  On my account page it has NO work order number, etc.   Multiple chats and several calls by me--results in talking heads or being put off.  Twice I was told "they" would call me to schedule, etc!  Nothing!!   Twice I was told--after they looked up some other existing work order number--that---My job has been completed!!!  Once corrected yo "Oh well thats a two part job!!!  They will contact U by Fri!!    Is this for real!!!!   I am now at the point where I am talking with the satellite boys etc..  Maybe Cox will respond when I drop off the damned equipment at the store!!!!!

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      Hi Bork2. I completely understand your frustration regarding what has transpired. We want to help. Please send an email to and include your complete address, name on the account and this link in order for us to investigate this for you. Thanks, Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator.