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6 years ago

Problems getting cable from pole to house buried

I have been struggling to get Cox to follow up on burying the cable from the pole to my house.  Currently the line is strung overhead to my house.  I started this process over a month ago by calling and asking if this could be done.  I was working with Dominion Power to also bury the electric line from the pole to my house.  Cox stated that this would make things easier because they could simply use the same trench that Dominion did to bury the electric line.

I have called multiple times to follow up and each time am told that I need to speak to technical support.  While the technical support people are pleasant enough, they cannot see nor can they help me with any of my questions about why the line has not been buried.  I finally got to speak to the construction crew who assured me that my line would be buried today (9/14).  I come home and lo and behold, the line is not buried as promised and no one at Cox can tell me why the work was not done.  

I am tired of not being able to call and get a simple answer to my question.  I am tired of technical support staff who tell me "oh well this process takes time".  I even had one try to blame the failure of the crew not getting back to me on Hurricane Flo (this was on Wednesday before the storm even approached the east coast).  Sorry...not an excuse.  Dominion came out and did their work and they can be pretty frustrating to deal with too.  But Cox is even more frustrating.  

At this point...will I ever get this project completed?  Will I ever be given a direct line where I can get a straight answer without having to wait on hold for 40 minutes only to be told "well, we can't see the notes in the system, you'll have to wait for a call back from someone else".

  • Field escalations are useless.  I have not received a call back from a supervisor at any point in this month long process.  I called Saturday and was told "there was a problem that they couldn't finish the job".  No details as to what the problem was.  I asked for a call on Monday with an update.  No call received.  At this point I am beyond frustrated with Cox.  Field escalations mean nothing when I do not get calls back or answers to my questions 

  • So I am now on the phone with Cox technical support.  It seems that all of the tickets that were supposed to be expedited were put in as resolved which is not the case.  So expediting does nothing when Cox doesn't talk to its customers.  I am now being told that I need to start the process again.  If you are a customer and you are looking to have your line buried my best advice is to stay on Cox to get the work done.

  • And the update on this is that now I have another expedited ticket and am still no closer to knowing when this work will be done.  The Cox support personnel cannot answer simple questions like when will this be scheduled and who will be doing the work.  Why does Cox feel that this is a good way to run their business?  I have a landscaping contractor who is waiting and has been waiting on Cox to finish this job.  What am I supposed to tell him?  And being offered $20 for "my troubles" is more insulting than pacifying.  If Cox wants me to be happy...tell me why the work couldn't be done when it was promised, and when it will be done and do it in a reasonable amount of time that doesn't involve people closing out the work order before its done.  Simple as that.

  • Before I explain myself for the third time today to another Cox employee who cannot answer my questions, will you be able to answer my questions?  Will you be able to get me the phone number to the construction company who is doing the work?  Or will you just say "well there is a ticket, its expedited, I sent it to the construction division".  That does nothing for me.  Sorry but I have to be blunt.

  • And to be clear, I'm tired of Cox employees giving me widely different answers as to what is going on with this situation.  Friday it was "well we can't see the notes to tell you why the work wasn't done".  Saturday it was "well there was a problem but I cannot see what the problem was to tell you why the work wasn't done".  Monday it was "well I'm escalating the ticket and you will get a call from a supervisor today to tell you why the work wasn't done".  Tuesday it was "Oh well your problem is marked as resolved.  Your bury line has been done".  Then after I explained my whole situation to the rep, asked to speak to a supervisor and refused to wait another 10 business days for someone to address the issue, someone in the "escalations department" told me that Cox cannot tell me when the work will be done because "cox will never promise you work is done on a specific date". Now what sort of idiocy is that????  What company uses a subcontractor and does not ask for the work to be done by a particular date?  This speaks to how Cox does things.  Tickets to paper the walls, escalations that mean nothing and work that doesn't have a set date.  At this point I have absolutely no faith in your process.

  • This saga continues and trying to get this resolved is just stupid.  Was told this morning 9/19 to expect a crew to come to the house.  Came home close to 3pm and no work has been done.  "Support person" with Cox says that the crew left me a message which they did not and that they could not access the line which is not true as the line is in the front yard.  They gave me a number to call for the construction crew which is not being answered.  Cox once again disappoints and has employees that are less than truthful

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  • Hi Akeerbs. I can certainly understand your frustration regarding this. Please send this information to along with your complete address and name on the account and we will investigate this to get an update for you. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      I have been promised that a supervisor is to call me today with the answer to this issue.  If this does not happen, I will be sending information to the email.  I would think that you all would have plenty of notes on this issue given how many times I have called to try and get a straight answer as to what is going on.

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        Hi Akeerbs, a field escalation was submitted on your behalf by one of the agents you spoke with yesterday. You should receive a call from our field leadership team within the next 48 hours. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator