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6 years ago

Paying for 300 Meg... Not getting close to that. Five technicians in one month

Cox customer here in Virginia Beach for 35+ years in the same house and I am now considering jumping ship to Verizon.

Recommend you get a bag of popcorn before you read the below:  It is a heck of a story:

I recently upgraded from Premier service to Ultimate (300 Megs) about 2 months ago.  My modem has/is a telephone modem as well.  I installed the gigablast modem with no issues.

My house wiring was udated about 4 years ago.

Under previous Cisco modem, I constantly got 180 Megs download and was relatively happy with it.  I upgraded to gigablast modem but speeds never increased about 200 megs download -- even though the promise was for 300+ Megs.

I called tech support and they said my signals were weak across all 32 DOCSIS channels. They sent out a technician.

The first technician (a subcontractor to Cox) came out to house and told me I needed to go to Best Buy and purchase a second modem for internet and use gigablast for telephone.  I knew that was a crock since the help desk told me my signals were extremely weak across the 32 channels.   This technician actually handed me a splitter with cables to "help" me install the recommended second modem.  Sigh.  He never tested any lines for signal loss and claimed that since his box could "see service" that everything was great.

I called Tech support again... they said they were "stunned" at Technician #1's lack of technical acumen and would kick it up to the next level of support.  We scheduled another visit of technicians they promised would be Cox folks and NOT a subcontractor.

I took ANOTHER day of work off so the second team of technicians came out and told me the line from the street was causing weak signals, therefore they put in a work order to bury a new cable to the house distribution panel.  They checked the pole and said the signal was great there, but not at the house so I thought we were going to find success.  (This team was also a subcontractor team.)  Sigh.

After marking of the yard, the subcontractor That finally happened last week and -- believe it or not -- my speeds actually WENT DOWN with newly installed line from 200 Meg to about 180 Megs download.  Sigh.

I called back to Cox and explained how this escapade was panning out.  They said they could clearly see "unacceptable signals levels within the modem and would have to send out another technician.  Sigh.

Indeed, I asked what differentiated this next guy from the previous guys and the phone guy said he would escalate it and get the "pros from Dover out."  Sigh.

A Third technician visit in less than 3 weeks happened  yesterday and -- after three hours of wasting time -- installed an amplifier which only made speed go down even more.  I asked... "doesn't an amp in this case just magnifiy errors if you dont find out where the signal is being lost?"  (Silence).  Of course , this technician didn't bring his device that helps him map where the cables are running within the home so he did it "the old fashioned way" which made me just roll my eyes at incompetence.   Sigh

When this third appointment in one month was over with, I got speeds that were even SLOWER than before my "Upgrade" to 300 Meg.  Sigh

I called back to Cox (have them now on speed dial) and explained about how the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  They said they would "Escalate" the issue and get more experienced techs out to my house this weekend.  Sigh.

The phone technician looked at my modem and said the signals were still unacceptable -- even with our amplifier and that we would have to get ANOTHER tech to the house... but he would escalate the issue to make sure the right guy came out.


So that's where I am now.  Slower speeds than I started with.... an amplifier, taken how many days off of work to just get worse and worse speeds?

Sadly that is what they told me the previous two visits.  This will be Cox's last opportunity to retain a 35+ year loyal customer.

Interestingly enough, I pay for the "whole home wiring" plan.  No one has looked at splitters, signal strength loss within the house, etc.  The tech support guys on the phone say they can clearly see the signal strengths are "unacceptable" but the technicians always ignore that inconvenient fact.  The last one claimed my computer was the cause (hardwired) although it is a gaming rig that is fully capable.

I also asked the guy on the phone, "How come you expect me to continue to pay OVER $300 a month for a system that does not work as advertised or as you promised it would?  (crickets chirping here).  Sigh.

What do I have to do to save Cox from itself?  Who can I speak to in the leadership chain that could possibly have a clue on how to fix this?  My next door neighbor has Cox internet and gets 300+ meg download so I know the system is capable.  

Does anyone have the number for a competent supervisor for Cox internet tech support that would care about a long-time customer?  Should I just cut my losses and go to the competition and get symmetric 1 GIG speeds and say goodbye to Cox after nearly FOUR DECADES?

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    There have been a few times either myself or a neighbor have not been able to get satisfactory answers from Cox over the years, and they were policy questions and not technical questions.  You can locate a county representative and try to have them contact Cox to get an answer.

    In my case I am in Fairfax County, VA, and had to have a Fairfax County government representative contact Cox to get them to answer a question for me about phone number forwarding.

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    I've had VZ FIOS for about 5 years and the speed was ALWAYS consistent.  I just got Cox installed yesterday, talk about serious intermittent connection.  If I had the opportunity to change to VZ, I'd do this in a heartbeat.  good luck!

  • Chuck.m, I'm sorry we've let you down. Let me see what we can do to make this right for you. Please email us at with your full name, complete street address and the details of the trouble as you've explained them here with a link to your post so we can get started. -ColleenD Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Done... the email is in your inbox. 

      By the way.. 

      Another Tech showed up yesterday.  He said he had never seen a gigablast modem before and couldn't understand why the modem itself appeared to be limiting output to local network to 200 megs or lower.  He said he was a subcontractor.  Cox didn't "escalate" this issue to their best and most familiar with the equipment (again) -- even though I was promised they would on the phone.

      By end of the tech's visit, nothing has changed other than my yard is now torn up and my internet speeds are slower than ever.  The tech (yesterday's) said he thinks that modem is not compatible with my neighborhood.  He showed me the work order that was annotated "CUSTOMER PROVIDED EQUIPMENT CAUSING SLOW SPEEDS" or words to that effect.   The only equipment I have is equipment Cox has provided.  Your tech's diagnostic equipment shows the issue is on the modem and street side.

      If I were to throw a party and invite all the tech's that have been to my house over the last month, the house would be full.  Of the techs sent to the house for this problem... NONE have been cox employees... only subcontractors.

      This is why I will likely cash in my 35 year relationship with cox for verizon FIOS...  You guys have not taken problems seriously and the only people doing their job are in your billing department since they are still collecting $300/month from me regardless of if your service works.