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5 years ago

Panoramic modem

About a month ago I dropped cable TV and wanted to just have a faster better Internet than what I had. The Cox rep I spoke to said I needed to move to the new panoramic modem and that it would be superior to my current Internet service. I replaced the modem and as others have indicated in this forum and started having connection issues throughout my house. When the old Internet worked with very little issues, now I have consistent problems being knocked off Wi-Fi throughout the house. At a time that most of us are working from home, this is beyond annoying and frustrating… And all the while Cox continues to bill me. I have reset the modem more times than I can count. I have had two technicians come out. And to this day there continues to be problems knocking me off both my phone and laptop all day long. A) We Cox customers should not have to pay for this! It should be free for as long as there are connection issues. B) Why is this new fancy, superior, supposedly, modem not working as well as the old modem? C) When I went online to do some research on how to “fix“ my Internet issues, Cox suggests I spend more money to purchase pods! Not only am I spending more money on Internet service that does not work near as well as my old one, but now Cox is suggesting I spend $129 more dollars to buy pods to make this new fancy modem work better! Does anyone know of a class action lawsuit against Cox and or how would we start one?

And in the meantime, if anybody has suggestions for me to try without spending more money please let me know. Thanks!

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    The modem and router are 2 different devices but Cox can lump them into 1 for a rental fee.  The modem side of your device is probably okay but it's the router side being awful.  Panoramic is not a good router.

    Do you need gigabit service or did you get by okay with your previous data plan?  If you were satisfied with your previous plan, bring it back.  Return the Panoramic to eliminate its rental fee, cancel your gigabit plan, restore your previous plan, reconnect your previous modem and purchase your own router.