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5 years ago

Ports being blocked after panoramic modem updated

I can only assume the modem just updated, because this is the start of being required to manage things, like port forwards, through for me. Also the network activity monitor on the aforementioned site only seems to indicate any traffic in the last 12-14 hours, which is absolutely not true.

On to the issue, I run a few small, personal services off of my own equipment in my own home. Nothing complicated or bandwidth heavy. None of these have been an issue before today. Today, however, Whenever I try to access anything from outside my home network, I can get maybe a moment or two before it shuts it all down. At work I have access to a number of systems in a number of locations, all with differing public IPs. The behavior is consistent. shows me alerts about attempts to access from known untrusted IPs, but none of these alerts coincide with any of the IPs I'm using. So Cox is unilaterally deciding to block any and all port forwards I have configured? What then is the point of allowing me to configure any at all?

I pay for gigablast internet because I want it fast, reliable, and uncapped. While it is faster than the next highest tier, it's never as fast as it should be, or even approaching the "up to" advertised speeds. (Right now between 86 and 190 down, depending on which site's test you prefer of four. Cox's was the 86). I've had various techs offer different suggestions as to what may be the issue, but never any promised follow ups.

So my speed isn't what it should be, the customer service isn't reliable, and now I can't even utilize fairly standard functions. Why can't I forward my ports if the option exists? And if it is some sort of "security" situation, why did it not happen before today, and why isn't there an option to allow access to IPs that I know are being blocked?