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2 years ago

Packet loss in San Diego, CA

I have been experiencing packet losses since February. I have been ping testing with CMD every single day and have noticed that these packet losses I have been getting are completely random. It can last about 1-5 mins to 1-6 hours. I have already contacted COX a few times already and they don't see anything when pinging the modem/router. I have checked the cables on my end, none of them are faulty. Resetting the box and router do nothing. They even gave me a new Modem/router just about a week or 2 ago and this problem still persists. Getting work done is getting to become impossible with these packet losses. I even sent an FCC complaint and haven't heard NOTHING back at all.  

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    First, I would suggest using Pingplotter to trace where the packet loss is occurring. Next, can you post your signal levels? Should be at > user: admin password: password > Connection > Cox Network > copy paste the downstream and upstream levels or take a screenshot and upload it to Imgur. Last, when you were having packet loss out did you have Cox ping your modem/gateway?