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Official mail from Cox saying get a free modem period.

Back in 2017 June or July I got a letter from COX saying how grateful they were of my 15 plus years of using them and since I always provided my own modem  to access the internet they figured why not give me a modem for free.  Well I thought this was a gimmick so I went in with the paper they sent that said across the top "Come get your free modem" .  Well when I got there the Lady at the counter went and got the modem I have now and began to ring it up for 69 dollars plus tax and I said STOP and showed her the paper where it said free but She continued and then I went to talk to the manager Darin whom I called today about the free modem as the paper said and he said yes it was free and told the lady to take the charge off my bill and then gave me the modem and told me that it was really free and all I had to do was pay for my internet speed service that I was being charged for which was PREMIUM service and I have done to this day.

Now they want to charge me for modem rental service when I went to pay and they told me the modem wasn't a free one.

So you see why I am posting this in case someone else got the same letter I got and got his free Cisco DPQ 3212 modem and still has that paper.because with out the paper they want to charge me modem rental fee from now own.  Oh Darin told me if I had that paper then Cox has to change their billing fee towards me.

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    Now they want to charge me for modem rental service

    Why not just return this money-sucking modem and be rid of it?  Nobody rents modems...especially an 8-channel.  Buy your own.

    You should remove your email address.

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      I have been a Cox customer and bgt my own modem when I first subscribed back before 2001 and then in middle of 2017 I got the letter that said I was such a great customer that they wanted to give me a FREE Giga bit modem so I went in and then the lady got the modem and started to write of the charges for the modem and I told her to stop and went to the Manager and He stopped her and told her it was free period and no charges were to be assessed to my account for the modem or rental fees.  well 2 month ago Iwas told sorry but I had to pay a rental fee so that is why I asked here and else where if anyone else got the paper saying come and get your free modem.  Well it does happen things are free sometime but Ilost the paper and thats why I am looking to see if anyone else got such a letter.

      Cox and their papers they send out is conveniently lost or miss placed.  So that's why I am here asking for help if anyone got such a letter.