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4 years ago

Officially Done With Cox

So I have been fighting issues with Cox for about 2 1/2 years now.  So far they haven't been able to fix the issue of dropped Internet.  I won't go into the details of every conversation I have had with them, no one has hours to read that.  We are getting ready to move (yay! getting new ISP).  We still experience drops about 4-5 days a week, but I decided to put up with it since we are moving anyway. Then yesterday 10/06 it dropped a lot and for many minutes at a time.  I work from home so this is serious for me.  I decided to call Cox one more time.  (I have been calling Cox Corp-I found out they actually have an executive escalation team).  So I called and got a supervisor who seemed to have info on previous issues.  She opened up a ticket with my local (Wichita) executive escalation team.  They called me back in pretty short time, after discussing my issue the scheduled a tech to come out today (10/07), of course there is a 2 hour window.  About half hour before my scheduled appointment I got a recorded confirmation call.  But as of 10 minutes after my window, no one had showed up or called.  Since I am working I wasn't able to do much waiting on Cox, I didn't want to get involved on a project, only to have to stop in the middle when the tech finally arrived.  So I wasted 2 hours today.  Tired of waiting over 2 hours I went online and cancelled the repair ticket.  I decided to call the phone # I was given by my local office, just to let them know one why I had cancelled the ticket.  I got a person who asked for my phone #,  I told them I had the work order.  The person told me they needed my phone number.  I asked why they needed that if I had the work order, they said the number I called was the executive escalation team.  I told them I knew that! I told them I have to call Cox Corp when I have problems in order to actually get through to someone that can do anything.  Then I told them I am done with Cox and to tell "name" the rep I had been working with not to bother to call me back.  That rep did call back about 20 minutes later.  He said the tech could show up anytime between 10am and 12.  I asked him to check what time the ticket had been cancelled, he said 12:11-I pointed out that was after the time the tech was supposed to show up.  So we are DONE with Cox.  Hopefully forever!