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Data Usage Period Different than Billing Period

Why is my Data Usage Period different than my Billing Period?

Data Usage Period starts on the 5th of the Month, Ends on Next Month, 4th (so my last period was Nov 5 - Dec 4, and so on for earlier months)

My Billing Period is from 7th of the month, to the 6th (so Nov 7 - Dec 6 and so on for earlier months)

This is a bit confusing (and almost screwed me for my Data Usage) because I was thinking that I had until Dec 6 to use up the remaining Bandwidth for this period.  Luckily, I caught this and was able to adjust accordingly.  

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    Hello Notbychoice,

    Thank you for contacting Cox Social Media. The billing cycle date is set for the days in which you're billed for your monthly services. The data usage dates may run differently than the billing cycle dates. If there is any changes in the dates you will receive notification on your statement under News & Views. Thanks
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    That makes no sense.  Does Cox just pick some random day to start data usage when the account is started?  It makes more sense to make it the same as Billing Cycle (because that is what you are paying for).  

    So what, if I were to cancel at the end of my billing cycle, am I all of a sudden required to pay for a couple of days of data cycle since it is out of sync?

  • You would still only be billed for your normal billing cycle and prorated up to the date that service was shut off. There would not be any additonal charges unless you had already gone over the data usage.

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