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4 years ago

MB8600 speed went from 940 to 360 two weeks ago for no reason!


I am between a rock and a hard place and neither of you are helping me! (THIS IS IMPACTING MY GLOBAL WORK FROM HOME)!!!

Cox flat out said and it is also on their website – They do NOT provide firmware updates for user owned/3rd party modems.

I purchased an MB8600 a few months ago and it just degraded to less than 50% speed on my 1GB service. The tech tested the line all the way from road to modem connect and it is 1.3GB down / 30 MB upload. The modem now consistently spits out around 360MB to my desktop direct connect via CAT6 Ethernet.

The tech arrived yesterday and after 2 hours it was agreed by both of us the modem needs a FIRMWARE update. Currently the modem is on version 8600-18.2.9 and was working fine for last 4 months until now. I see there is a history of Cox not updating user's modems. I only purchased my own after two visits to my hours by 3 different Cox techs and 7 hours of troubleshooting could NOT find the problem, but they all agreed my line to the modem was AWESOME!

I need someone to upgrade this modem or I have to return it for a refund with another vendor’s modem.

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    it's the latest cox approved firmware  Where does it say cox does not provide firmware updates?

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    I checked the modem from this end and the currently installed firmware version appears to be the most recent version approved for that modem. We can try checking a few more things for you if you'd like to email us at