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4 years ago

Lots of Jitter, Tons of Packet Loss

Hey there! I have been having severe packet loss and lag in games lately and noticed my ping spiking quite a bit. I contacted Cox, and I was told everything looked fine on my end and the node in my neighborhood was overloaded because of COVID. I had a tech come out about a month ago and he reiterated the overloaded node issue and installed an attenuator on our line.

I followed up with COX about a week ago and they sent out a supervisor who just knocked on the door, said the same thing about the overloaded node, and left. Didn't make any changes or attempt to do any diagnostics. They said they split my node on Friday, but I am still seeing a lot of issues.

I just ran some of my own diagnostics and found some interesting info. I ran pingplotter and MTR on Google and EAs servers (I mostly play Apex Legends). I discussed the results with some more technical friends who believe it might not just be a local issue but rather peering congestion between COX and Zayo. Please see the images below.

We have Gigablast and have just upgraded both our modem and router.

I am kind of lost with what to do currently. I have seen people file FCC complaints with some success. But certain applications are just unusable with the jitter and packet loss I am getting.

Thank you!

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    Same exact issue here I even upgraded my modem and router and was told the same exact thing even with 7 or so techs coming out to "help" me.  Looks like cox is giving customers the run around instead of making any serious improvements or changes to the network.  The COVID Congestion issue is most likely a factor but considering the pandemic has been going on for a year now and the amount of people actually staying at home is far less now I feel this is a go to excuse instead of them actually taking a deeper look and finding a solution since its easy to just blame a pandemic they cant control.  Regardless of if it helps I would strongly suggest making an FCC report about this since its the only thing that can be done to hold cox accountable.  

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      The last tech that came out has been telling me there are more people at home using the internet now than at the beginning of the pandemic. He was also incredibly hesitant to tell me when/if these problems would be resolved.

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    I have the exact same issue, I have packet loss issues, I cannot game anymore and I get the "unstable internet connection" error in all of my zoom meetings. Please help!

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      I am in the same boat! Wish we could find a solution soon.

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      Hi Danpozos. This appears as if you may need someone to look into your account personally. We would definitely be able to assist you with this. Please reach out to us via email at Provide us the name on the account with the complete service address with a link to this thread so we can get started. - Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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        Lisa I have been on this same exact issue for 3 weeks+ now and the same problems have existed where I am for 2 months. I can't even get throughon the phone any more because they say they "noticed issues in my neighborhood" and send me in a loop. The problems absolutely exist, sending a tech once to confirm it may be fine, but when they confirm the packet loss and node issues at the tap (20-60% in my case, TWICE in 2 weeks) then anyone with a brain knows it's not an issue for the tech to come and fix at the house.

        Seriously people, these problems suddenly started like 2 months ago and all cox can do is give excuses about "an increase in traffic in your neighborhood." They have clearly oversold and over subscribed nodes. I suggest you cancel and get on with your life. Slower but more consistent and efficient connection is better than this nonsense we've been seeing with no reasonable explanation or projected date of correction.