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11 months ago

is there a way to disable all SPAM filtering on the Cox servers?


s there a way to disable all SPAM filtering on the Cox Webmail servers? I notice some valid mail never makes it to my Apple Mail account.


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    Please provide an option in Webmail for the user to disable Spam filtering!!!

    I am having the same problem with Cox marking legitimate email as Spam. The problem started a few months ago when I noticed I hadn't received bills that are normally sent to me every month.  

    I seldom log into Cox Webmail. I do my own spam filtering with Mailwasher and download my email to Outlook on my desktop.

    When I finally logged into Cox Webmail I saw that Cox had moved these emails, along with many other legitimate ones, to Spam.  I marked these emails as "Not Spam" and moved them to the Inbox. However, Cox seemed to ignore this because the next month, the bills were once again marked as Spam. I have tried defining the senders as Contacts and using Webmail filters but all of that seems to be ignored. 

    This is going to be a serious problem for anyone who is missing emailed bills because Cox Webmail is marking the email as Spam. 


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      Marking an email as "Not Spam" just moves that specific email to the Inbox.  It does nothing to change how future email from that sender is handled.  Filter Rules are not applied to email that's been flagged as spam by an online security company.  The current version of Webmail has no way to prevent email flagged as spam from going to the Spam folder.  Your only option is to "Unsubscribe" from the sender to prevent them from sending the email in the first place.  Obviously that solution wouldn't be applicable for email wrongly identified as spam.  For that I would suggest contacting  Include your name and full service address.   

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    I'm not sure that's why I always check my spam folder.

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    I think that is one of the things missing in the new webmail UI. I think they changed platforms and I am guessing custom spam filtering cost extra on the new platform.

  • Hello Don244,

    As WiderMouthOpen mentioned, there is no additional SPAM setting within the Webmail UI outside of marking an email as SPAM. I can help share your feedback about interest in a SPAM setting, though there is no charge for the email service or features. The only feature I can think that may help you in sorting email is to create Filters within Webmail Settings to help manage emails going to your account. If you'd like to see more about the available settings in our Webmail you may check here email settings.

    Cox Forum Support Moderator

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      @DustinP, unwanted email in the Inbox can be blocked with Filter Rules.  Marking email as spam can be counter-productive.  It can lead to future email being flagged as spam that Filter Rules can't block.  Flagging unwanted email as spam would be a good thing if email clients and services provided a way to block them.  But without the ability to do that, it creates a bigger nuisance.  You get unwanted email that can't be blocked.

      WiderMouthOpen knows Cox doesn't have a customer line-item charge for email.  He was more likely guessing Cox would have to pay a higher fee to their provider, for email service with custom spam filtering, and it was a cost saving decision to exclude it.

      As for the filter suggestion, if you know a way to filter Webmail that's been flagged as spam, please share it with the rest of us.  But, please pass along our feedback because any spam setting or process that allows those emails to be blocked would be helpful.

      When you make the URL you posted a link, forum users don't have to copy and paste it into the address bar to go to the website.  The Cox Email Settings documentation on that webpage fails to mention Filter Rules and Blocked Senders can't block Webmail that's been flagged as spam by an email security company.

      A configuration update is needed for a spam setting to allow spam to be blocked.  

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      I share the same question as Don244.  We are not asking about making our own filters to filter email.  We are asking how to disable Cox's automatic spam filtering that is putting real emails in the junk/spam folder.  This causes us to miss real emails with real-life potential issues such as missing paying of bills, etc.  Having to check both an inbox and a junk/spam folder is not acceptable and users should have the option to turn off Cox's spam filtering such that all inbound email goes to the inbox folder.

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        Forgot to mention...flagging emails as not spam does NOT help.  I spoke with support and the algorithm is simple increment and decrement of a counter.  So, if an email is identified as not spam, it may still be considered spam if other people call it as such.  This algorithm simply results in random-like behavior.  You can have the same email delivered to two different accounts and on one account it can end up in the inbox and on the other account in the spam/junk folder.  This simply results in extreme user frustration with no on-going improvement.

  • Hello. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions for our webmail settings and options. We do value such feedback and hope to provide the best possible service both now and in the immediate future.  -Allan Cox Support Forums Moderator 


  • Something you could try, at least for me it worked with a prior version of webmail that didn't have a disable spam filtering feature; if there is still some form of allow/block senders, you could enable that and choose to allow '*.*' senders (without the single quotes).  It seems you can use those stars or as some people call the, capital 8's in replies either.

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    Adding to this.  
    Cox's spam filter is more trouble than it is worth.  I want to let it all thru and I have no problem deleting off my phone before reading it in.  I'll do my own spam filtering.  MUch easier than having to keep logginbg into this site to look for what good emails Cox has flagged.  
    Also adding that marking something as not spam is nbot helping.  VERY frustrating.  Just let us disable spam filtering and be done with it. 

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      Hello! Thank you for reaching out to Cox support. I would be happy to assist. Please email us your 1st and last name as well as your full address. Thank you for your time and for choosing Cox support. 

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        I have this exact same problem.  Started about 3 weeks ago.  25% of my emails now end up in junk/spam folder for no reason.  ans sayingthey are not JUNK doesnt do anything for the next time. they appear on my Imac in JUNK folder but dont go to my iphone or ipad on apple mail until they are moved to the inbox.  Very annoying! How to i stop COX from filtering my emails. THX