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4 years ago

Internet intermittent service

Hello, I have been having my internet drop like clockwork anywhere from 10am est to 1pm est. Someone please help me understand why is it that I pay $100.00 a month for internet delivered via cable and for some reason it is constantly dropping. As many of your customers are in a telework situation, this is clearly an unacceptable situation. I have had my router replaced and contacted customer service several times only to have my account credited. A credit does not solve my issue, as myself and my spouse rely on this service for our careers. The service has been so terrible I would fire Cox if it didn't have a MONOPOLY on my area. Please, please help me understand why my service is constantly interrupted for seemingly no reason at all. Worse, my neighbors whom all receive service from the same distribution box have been having similar issues, and have been filing complaints. If this continues to happen I will be forced to cancel my subscription to Cox and acquire a mobile hot spot device from one of your competitors. I will then encourage my entire community to do the same, as they have all had the same issue. 

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    I have had similar issues over the past week, and a couple weeks ago. Seems to happen 2-3 times a day: internet will drop for 1-3 minutes and recover. A couple weeks ago a tech remotely refreshed the signal on the modem and that seemed to help, but now the problem is back. I don't think resetting the modem helps. Maybe this is related to increased load? But I would still expect some kind of response or anything really from Cox...

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      Cox could care less, even if the issue impacts your ability to work. Monday will be day 3 of my upload speeds being 0.00 and i doubt anything will be fixed. Even corporate seems powerless to make any fixes happen. If you have options for other providers that obviously arent DSL or satellite run for the hills.

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        Yeah pretty tempting. I have thought of Verizon but they have weird usage limits on their myfi option. I don't do heavy usage like 4K but still important to have consistent service for my job!

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      I experience outage on a daily basis.  The internet seems to drop everyday around 1 pm and return around 6 pm sometimes later.  A tech replaced the modem but it still happens.  My phone is digital therefore I miss important calls, cannot use my lap top, no Netflix and my door bell camera does not work.  I have asked for credit for the lost service and only received $9.  This is ridiculous! We should not have to pay for services not rendered.  CLASS ACTION LAW SUITE     

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        Hi Charlee. I can understand how frustrated you are. We will be glad to investigate your issue. Please reach out to us on Twitter at @CoxHelp via DM, visit us on Facebook via private message, or email us at Provide us the name on the account with the complete service address with a link to this thread so we can get started. - Lisa, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    I can definitely appreciate how frustrating this situation must be. I did check from this end and the modem is reporting poor signal levels. I'd suggest checking all of the cable connections to ensure they're hand tight, bypassing any cable splitters you may be using, and/or testing the modem at a different cable outlet if you have any. Should all of that fail it may be time to see about scheduling a technician to come troubleshoot further. If you require any assistance getting that setup feel free to email us at and be sure to include your account information and a link to this thread would also help.

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    Lost internet and cable four times today in Tulsa. Have experienced loss of sound for weeks as well as cable feed skipping back 5 seconds and repeating. The help desk via text has taken two hours both times I contacted them and then they were worthless.

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      Hi Number One, the forum's members will not be able to assist you. We'd be glad to look into your issue. Please reach out to us through our Social media platforms: Twitter @coxhelp, or Facebook. If you prefer, please send us an email at and include your full name, account holder's name, street address, and details of your issue or a link to your forum post.

      Thank you,

      Mike J.
      Cox Forums Support Moderator
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        Same issue in 85310.  At least twice a day for the past 3 to 4 weeks.