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Internet disconnects at all times of day extremely often for over 3 months. Attempted all but talking to tech support

I have been experiencing interruption of service for atleast 3 months and from all the nightmares of dealing with their techs in the past I don't want to call them to tell me the same actions until I can talk to someone else. I have friends across town not having this issue and I've tried everything u can think of like power cycling, reseating cables, trying different ports, different cables, different router, different modem, checked dhcp and lease renewal times, but wifi and ethernet have same issue. I'm military, working on networks as a primary duty, I have tried all the basic and even more advanced steps that I can take without their intervention. Nothing works. I have been using an application for my computer to track my service all day everyday for a week and its pretty apparent how often this occurs to me. Not only at peak times do I drop every 35 to 45 minutes but at non peak times every 2 hours or so.  These outages last anywhere from 5 to 20 seconds interuppting anything im doing between streaming shows or playing games online to my roommate unable to stream which gives him some money and myself disconnecting from my teleworking vpn requiring 5 min per outtage to get back into the network. I've grown too frustrated dealing with this and willing to try a couple more steps until I've grown weary to the point of filing an FCC complaint.

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  • Hi Taylor USA,
    The forum's members will not be able to assist you with this issue. I suggest that you reach out to Cox Technical Support, either by phone: 1-800-234-3993, or online tech support at, under Contact us (scroll down to Let's chat). You may also utilize our Social Media Team through Facebook, and Twitter @coxhlep. If you prefer contact by email, send your information to us here: Include a link to this forum post, or copy it into the email. Also, include your complete home address to get started.

    Thank you,

    Mike J.
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