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2 years ago

High-pitched sound from Cox Gateway

About a month ago, I switched to Cox as my internet service provider. The Cox technician installed a Technicolor CGM4140COM Panoramic Gateway here in the office next to my computer. From the start, the Gateway made a high-pitched humming or whirring sound when running. The sound was very distracting, and after a time when I was working here next to it, my right ear would feel discomfort or pressure. I called Cox to report the problem and was told I could go to the Solution Store and exchange the Gateway. I took it in and was given another CGM4140COM model. I hooked that one up, and it makes the same high-pitched sound as the original one. I now think the original one was not defective, but that all CGM4140COM Gateways make this sound. Have any of you experienced the same problem? If you have, do you have any tips or suggestions for how to remedy the problem? Thanks for your assistance.

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  • Hi Pmarkd,

    That is most unusual, yet I would really like to have this looked into. Would you please send us an email with your name and address to Please be sure to include the URL so that we may identify you.

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      Results of a quick search for "panoramic noise":

      Panoramic modem fan noise
      Cox panoramic wifi modem/router noise
      Panoramic Modem - Unacceptable Fan Noise?
      Panoramic Modem Fan Noise / Constant Humming
      Why is my Cox panoramic wifi modem/router so noisy?

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      That is most unusual

      Is it really? I have seen a lot of reports of this on the forum. As a employee you must have seen/heard of more. Every new gateway has a fan in it, which can make a noise when getting old or at high RPM. The fact that OP had the problem twice must mean it is relatively common.

      As for OP, what service do you have? Could you downgrade to one of the older gateways that didn't have a fan like the TG2472? Good for up to ultimate. Longer range then the newer gateways but a older/slower wireless standard.

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        LOL, I have it's brother, the 2460, it doesn't have telephone, but in all honesty, i WISH I had a 2472, because it has MOCA.