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4 years ago

High correctables and frequent packet loss

High I am experiencing frequent packet loss on my connection and modem shows a high number of correctables Support just keeps telling me its my wifi when it clearly is not. I now have my modem connected directly to the line coming into my house. No splitters or anything. Here is a screenshot with an extremely large number or correctables after <12 hours of uptime.

I seem to be having packet loss throughout the core hours of the day. The packet loss is not consistent and comes and goes. It can be anywhere from 1% to 35%. This makes voice communication near impossible. My speed tests are ok, I just have loss. When I take packet captures I have seen a large number of re-transmits. During the night and early morning my packet loss is minimal. 

The loss seems to be at the first hop, so seems to be some issue between me and the first hop into the cox network. I have tried to remove any connectivity issue in my house by connecting the modem straight to the line coming in.

Here is an example ping to with high loss, most times it is not this bad, just giving an example of a worst case

--- ping statistics ---

30 packets transmitted, 22 packets received, 26.7% packet loss

round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 21.592/91.424/291.184/71.318 ms

A traceroute shows 

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets
1 (  1.969 ms  2.959 ms  2.705 ms
2 (  94.864 ms  50.357 ms  14.130 ms
3 (  39.860 ms  20.208 ms  40.469 ms
4 (  31.100 ms  151.296 ms  27.478 ms
5 (  50.367 ms  119.706 ms  218.165 ms
6 (  96.894 ms (  25.395 ms (  51.504 ms
7  * * *
8  * (  116.994 ms (  68.717 ms
9 (  198.901 ms (  27.256 ms (  44.228 ms

If I ping the first hop directly I get packet loss as well

--- ping statistics ---

50 packets transmitted, 47 packets received, 6.0% packet loss

round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 8.183/46.852/320.911/54.797 ms

you can also see that the ping times are all over the place with a stddev of 54 ms

Pinging my router I have zero loss

--- ping statistics ---

50 packets transmitted, 50 packets received, 0.0% packet loss

round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 1.192/3.042/11.697/2.927 ms

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    Sorry you wasted your time gathering this information but unfortunately no one is gonna fix this unless they want to, and from my experience they dont.

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    HI LinenPath,

    That's no fun. We want to test the actual service without the distraction of the router. Please take a moment to share the results of the traceroute when bypassing the router, leaving it powered off and having restarted the modem. We can then determine next best steps.

    Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Hi EricaW,

      Thanks for the reply, I have hardwired my computer into the modem. After ~30min of uptime here are my modem stats

      My packet loss is not that high at the moment. But it will most likely get worse as the day goes on.

      traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets

      1 (  13.053 ms  29.176 ms  8.591 ms

      2 (  10.211 ms  26.146 ms  6.988 ms

      3 (  22.733 ms  10.244 ms  12.791 ms

      4 (  22.264 ms  18.050 ms

 (  18.076 ms

      5 (  14.918 ms

 (  17.370 ms

 (  18.314 ms

      6  * * *

      7 (  90.301 ms

 (  272.131 ms

 (  80.694 ms

      And here is ping to the first hop

      --- ping statistics ---

      50 packets transmitted, 49 packets received, 2.0% packet loss

      round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 6.715/28.031/140.513/25.723 ms

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        Hi LinenPath. If you are experiencing packet loss during the day, we may need to schedule a service call. To do this, please send an email to and include this link along with your complete address and name on the account. - Lisa H, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Here is another ping with packet loss getting worse through the day

      --- ping statistics ---

      50 packets transmitted, 48 packets received, 4.0% packet loss

      round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 10.163/49.858/170.730/42.072 ms

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      And has expected, around noon during the week the packet loss peaks

      --- ping statistics ---

      50 packets transmitted, 32 packets received, 36.0% packet loss

      round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 16.754/123.413/321.238/93.762 ms