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7 months ago

Help Please !!!


Hello, I am a senior so I am not too tech savvy with IT , so any assistance is greatly appreciated. 

I work remotely for a company called Prolific.  They have very strict security for their platform, and that is  understandable . 

My company advised me that the IP that Cox Cable has given me is on the blacklist .  I was shocked , and I was told by my job to look on the "  Whatismyipaddress " website which I did .  Cox is infact blacklisted for spam on a Sorbs . net website .  I tried to reach out to Sorbs , but, just get an automated response.  All I could find it was blacklisted for spam back in 2019.  I probably did not even have that IP . 

Customer service for Cox seems to know as little as I do !!  I need my IP Changed and can not find anyone within Cox Cable support that has a clue how to do this .

I have been told I can purchase a static IP , or purchase their complete care or buy a new modem and router.  These are not acceptable solutions . I should not have to have a business account with Cox to have an IP that is not blacklisted , nor should I have to pay $10.00 a month since the IP belongs to Cox not me, and I should not have to spend the money to replace a perfectly working modem and router. 

I did reach out to a IT group on FB, and was advised by numerous people that Cox has the ability to change my IP .  I have done all I can . I disconnected my Modem , left it unplugged for 12 hours and that did nothing .

I am nearly 70, and need to work due to the economy and I honestly feel victimized at this point . I had to pay my Cellular service to use their High Speed internet.  I can Not afford to pay for 2 internet services and I should not have to. 

If anyone can Please point me in the right direction , who to reach out to . I had spoken to someone out of I believe Atlanta , and they want to blame the security service my employers uses .  When I try to point out that the IP belongs to Cox , they proceed to talk over me or around me !!

Thanks in advance for any solution to this issue .  



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    Hi, the only way to get a static IP address is going to be via a Cox Business Account.  I'd like to look into this for you.  Please send me an email and include your full name, address, a link top this forums post and the IP address that you're having trouble with.  Thanks! 



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      Hello Stephanie,

      Thank you for reaching out , but, I think  you misunderstood that part of my post.  I know it is long , but, its necessary so you can see exactly what has happened. 

      Let me reinterate , I do NOT want to pay , nor should I have to Pay Cox Cable for a Business account / static IP address because the IP I currently have is Blacklisted for spam.  

      I want my IP address  to be changed . I have unplugged my modem to no avail . According to another customer service rep of Cox Cable , via Facebook, I was told I have had this current IP number since August 2021. So it is not changing , not sure why .   I did find out however, according to SORBS that the IP was listed in 2019 as having spam , which is before I even had this number .

      I feel like a victim .  I can not get proper assistance from Cox, I am having  Pay my cellular service to use high speed internet on my hotspot so I can work...  I can not afford two ISP , especially when in this circumstance , the IP provided by Cox is blacklisted and I am unable to work .

      Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.  I just want someone in your IT department to change my IP.  I understand it might be a headache, but, I do need customer assistance.  I have been with Cox over 20 yrs  !

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        Unfortunately we don't offer static IP's for residential accounts.  Regarding the changing of your IP address, when you have a dynamic IP address it releases and renews every 24 hours.  When it renews it grabs the same one that was released.  You can try disconnecting your modem for a few days and that might change it to a new address but I can't guarantee that.  I'd like like to see the IP your seeing as blacklisted so I can look into this for you.  Please do not send it here.  I'll need that via email to  Thanks! 



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  • I think we should try something different here.  Instead of assuming you need a new IP address, let's start by asking what activities are you trying to engage in that aren't working? It sounds like you're in a work from home situation.  What kinds of things do you use your Internet connection for with respect to this employer?

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      I work from home , I do research for various Universities - mostly of the AI nature .  The company has a very strict security policy and uses a third party , of which they do not tell us , that monitors IP Addresses.

      My IP was flagged , and they said I could reach out to the sites that  had the IP blacklisted.  The website they gave is " what is my ip address ", and the cox cable IP address I have is blacklisted on SORBS.NET for spam . 

      I tried reaching out to SORBS and get an automated response . I have spoken to numerous customer service rep at Cox and the only options I am given is to either 1)  Purchase a static /business acct , 2) subscribe to the customer care at the tune of $10.00 a month , or replace my modem and router.    These are not acceptable solutions . 'It appears there are descripancies between different reps . Stephanie said residents do not get business static IP , yet other reps offered to provide one.

      Some of the customer service reps say my IP does change frequently, where as the customer service rep I last spoke with said they checked my IP and I had the same one since 2021.  IF that is correct , I was given a bad IP to begin with as SORBS.NET has it listed as being blacklisted in 2019.

      The company states that my account is in excellent standing, and to either get a new IP , or I have the option of using a HotSpot.   I should not have to pay every month to use my cellular hotspot.  I am nearly 70, and went back to work due to the economy. 

      I am not allowed to use a VPN or Proxy , so , Im in between a rock and hard place, and I feel very fustrated at this point .  

      Thank you for reaching out , and any advise is greatly appreciated .


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        Being blacklisted by SORBS doesn't make sense in this context unless it's impacting your ability to send emails, as that's what SORBS is all about.  They track the email reputation of IP's as it relates to their sending of spam email but SORBS also has a poor reputation themselves of acting as extortionists with respect to their policies allowing for priority de-listing in exchange for payment.

        With that in mind, I'm still not able to make a connection as to how being listed on email blacklists impacts your ability to engage in whatever activity you're doing.

        As far as trying to change your IP address is concerned, it's true that your IP address assignment is dynamic, however, support agents don't have any tools to force a change.  Leases are granted for 24 hours (typicall) and the way the protocol works is after 12 hours, your device will ask if the lease can be renewed.  This is actually only the 1st time your device requests a renewal but the rest is probably more complicated than necessary for purposes of this discussion.  3 things you can do to force an IP change but some require more skill than others.

        1. Leave the device connected to your Internet off for +24 hours.  Unplugging your Cox modem is the simplest way to explain how to do this effectively.  This might work whether or not you have an all in one modem/router or a separate modem.  Even after doing this however, you could still end up with the same IP address if another subscriber didn't end up requesting it so not absolutely guaranteed.
        2. Connect a different device to your modem.  If you're modem and router are separate.  Connecting a different device to the modem then rebooting the modem will always get you a new IP.
        3. Change the MAC address of the device connected to your modem.  As with step 2, if your modem and router are separate, you may be able to tell your router to report a different MAC address.  Upon doing so, you'll need to reboot your modem

        Final thoughts, forcing your IP address to change can be complicated and doesn't really resolve the underlying issue.  Even if this is successful, you'll just end up pushing your problem onto somebody else.

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    First off, Sorbs Lists ALL public IP addresses in their DUHL system. You are going to be listed in the PBL on spamhaus as well. This is because the PBL and others lists like it, are meant to prevent someone from running a MAIL SERVER from a residential IP address. That is all. 

    You should be listed in SORBS DUHL list, which notes - "

    Usage classification (only important if you run your own mailserver.)

    Cox is not going to be able to just "CHANGE" your IP address, it's not that simple. It's handed off to your equipment on a 24 hr lease through a DHCP server which the customer service agents are NOT going to have access to. You can change the MAC ID of your router and get a different IP address, or replace the router and also get a new IP address. 

    Easier yet, connect your computer directly to the modem, bypassing your router and get a new ip address. 

    BUT, being on the DUHL list or the XBL or PBL lists, are not a problem, because again, they basically list you as a residential IP address, top prevent a mail server or relay from your IP address from sending or forwarding email directly to remote mail systems. It does not prevent you from using YOUR mail server, Cox/Gmail/Yahoo/hotmail/etc etc etc. 

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      It was also listed on Spamhjaus . Then why is the IP on the black list .I am  not tech savvy about this .  I simply want to work .  

      You say I can connect my laptop to the modem. Would this be with the cord that connects the modem to the router ?  If so, there is no place on my computer to attach it . I have ubs ports only . If you can tell me how to do that , I can try as long as I do not need to have it connected to work .  My router , modem Tv, smart hub are all connected in a small space together 

      Can you explain how to change the MAC ID on my router , or why replacing a router would change IP ?  I would prefer changing the MAC ID.  Would this affect all of my other smart items such as my lights , echo , etc ?

      Thank you for so much information , this is very much appreciated.

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        Just to add if there is a cord maybe 20 to 30 ft long where I can connect my laptop to the modem , that would work out.  But, I would prefer to change the MAC ID.   Not to be rude to Cox Cable Reps  , because I greatly appreciate all help , but, why didnt Cox Cable tell me this ?  I called and wrote the Corporate Office .  You have told me more than Ive learned in the Month dealing with Customer Service .  Again , my sincerest thanks