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2 years ago

Fiber ONT options

My home is connected through fiber, and I have my own router that I am using. Service has been good so far, but I am looking for an option. My bill is showing that I am paying $14 for Panoramic Wifi Gateway Rental, which supposedly includes the gateway, app, security perks, etc. However I never received any of that equipment (natually because I'm using my own), and the apps say my account is not active for the other things.
So I called Cox - and they said that the $14 charge is simply for the ONT. Seems kinda weird to charge for a gateway rental when its not for a gateway, but whatever. 

First question is - am I really supposed to be paying a rental fee for the ONT device? Anyone else paying this?

Second question is - Is there a list anywhere of Cox compatible ONTs out there for if I wanted to get my own to avoid this monthly charge if thats really what it is?

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    call them back, there is no charge for the ONT, unless something has changed dramatically in the last month. 

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      OP resorted to the Forum because OP called them.

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    1. No. The ONT comes free with fiber(FTTH) service. +1 for contacting Cox and asking them.

    2. No list because Cox(and no fiber provider that I know of) doesn't supports customer owned ONTs. 

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      I couldn't find a reference for an ONT to be a free loan for the service.

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    I didn't think Cox charged a rental fee for an ONT.  Your best option is to send an email to with your full name and complete address.

    If Cox wants to charge you for an ONT, tell Cox to replace "Panoramic" on your bill with either Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia or  Calix ONT.