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2 months ago

Newly Installed Fiber ONT Calix gp1100x

I had Fiber installed on Tuesday.   All was fine until about 2 am Friday.    I looked at the box and it just shows a green power button and the ethernet light.   The service and the broadband light are no longer illuminated.   I assumed they must be working on the system so I started the online chat.   I'm unsure why I bother with the chat.   It's always useless.   I called in after.  In any case, they say my area is fine and has no outages and they need to send a tech out to my location.  I think I'm one of the 1st to get fiber in my neighborhood and I explained that to them.  So now I have to wait over 24 hours for a tech to come out which seems absurd.     There is a reset on the ONT.   I just unplugged and powered it back on to no avail.   It seems that the fiber coming to the house is dead.   Is there any way to check to see if the fiber line is live in my home?   Does it illuminate?   I have Cox Complete Care and they still told me I may be charged and didn't expedite my service outage.    It seems like paying for that is pointless.  It seems the signal is no longer being sent to my ONT.   I switched to fiber for stability and stable uptime.   I'm most disappointed in the amount of time i have to wait for a tech visit.   Over 24 hours for a newly installed service is unacceptable in my opinion.   Will hitting the reset button on the ONT do anything different from unplugging and plugging back in?   Cox online gives me an image where when I go to reset the ONT using smart help   Any quick fix recommendations would be appreciated.   I'm thinking I'm not even getting a signal.

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  • Hi KenCon, I'd be pretty disappointed, too, if my service went out immediately after it was installed. I'm sorry that this happened! I appreciate your post and I want to welcome you to our Forums Community. I've reviewed your service and confirmed the ONT is receiving a signal; however, something is impacting the signal itself. I'm sorry that I'm unable to diagnose more remotely. So that we can see if there is any way we can expedite your appointment, please email my team at