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4 years ago

Fiber ONT and Orbi Mesh

Hi, I had ONT Fiber (wall mounted inside) installed at my house last Sunday and purchased the Orbi AX4200 to expand my coverage. I have read many different articles and cannot find how to set this up.

1. Does the Orbi router connect straight to the ONT via the ethernet cable?

2. What does role does the Techicolor4141 panoramic gateway play if I install the AX4200? Does it get disconnected?

3. If I do install the router straight to the ONT, do I need to call Cox and register the router?

Thank you for the help!

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    Replacing the Panoramic depends on your other Cox services.  For example, do you rent their wireless cable-box for TV service?  Do you subscribe to landline telephone service (Cox Voice)?

    If so, you'll need to keep the Panoramic connected to the ONT...use the Panoramic as your main router ("Gateway" router)...and connect the Orbi as an Access Point to your network (Panoramic).

    If you don't need the Panoramic...

    1. Yes
    2. It won't.  Return it.
    3. Yes.  No.

    Communications arrive at your house as light.  The ONT then converts the light to electrical signals (Ethernet).  After the ONT converts, the ONT passes the electrical signals to whatever you have connected to the this case, the Orbi.  The fewer devices between your ONT and each computer, the better.