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Cox offering worse deals to under served communities.

Why is Cox offering better deals to customers that have better options for internet? This monopoly style price gouging needs to stop and is punishing people who cant afford to live in new neighborhoods with newer infrastructure.

My friend that has actual competition from Centurylink(gigabit fiber) in his neighborhood, in Mesa, AZ, can get Cox Gigablast internet for $65 a month, no modem rental fee, price locked for 24 months, no contract.

Here where I live in Chandler, AZ its 99$ for Gigablast internet plus 12$ modem rental fee, and a 12month required contract with a $120 ETF. On top of that if you don't do "easypay" its an additional 10$ a month for a total of 122$, almost double what my friend can get a few miles away in the same state. If this is not monopolistic price gouging I do not know what is.

Here are screenshots of the offers.



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