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5 years ago

Exterior cable removal or relocation

Who can I contact to have the external coaxial cable moved or removed from my house? I terminated my services with Cox some time ago but the line they ran when I did have service from them has started to sag down to the point that I walk into it trying to walk across my deck. I would like the line removed or at very least re run so it is much higher than it is. As it stands it is becoming more and more of a safety hazard. 

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    The saggy cable is beyond the demarcation point, so it's your call.  The demarc is a Network Interface Block usually housed inside a weatherproof box..  Cox is responsible from the street to the box; you're responsible from the box into/onto your house.

    You can DIY or hire a contractor.  The choice really depends on your future needs, such as resubscribing to Cox and selling your house.