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3 years ago

Can we get answers to service issues and compensated for failures?

There are a lot of complaints about service availability on this forum yet no answers.  The responses are all the same... "We are sorry, feel free to contact us, have a nice day.". I am beyond frustrated and entirely dissatisfied with Cox.   I am trapped as Cox has a monopoly in my area.  I have been having connectivity issues consistently over the past few months.  Last night (I work nights) internet was down from 9:30 pm until 9am this morning.  The only answers are we are aware and working on it.  That's my number one frustration is poor reliability with zero consistent results In resolving and no accountability.  Where else do you pay for service, not get it, but are still required to pay????.   My second frustration is the service level.  I pay for 900+G service but have never gotten much over 300G.  It's like renting a limosine but getting a compact.  I have never encountered amore dishonest company than Cox.  They need to offer everyone their fastest service but prorate based on what is actually delivered.   I can't wait until I can move away from Cox.  Guaranteed they would be out of business with these unethical practices if they weren't a monopoly!  

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    I know I sound like a broken record when I say it, but there is no button Cox can push to fix all of these problems because it's not one big problem. It's thousands of little problems and each one has to be fixed individually. The only way to get them fixed is to call for a tech, and if the first tech doesn't have the skill to fix it, call for another tech until they get it fixed. Then when it breaks again, call for a tech again. The problem you're having isn't nationwide, statewide or even citywide. It's more likely a problem isolated to your block. But the cable network is fragile and many blocks have problems that never get properly reported or properly fixed.

    Of course this all assumes that you've fixed all problems with your equipment an your premises wiring. It also assumes that you're testing wired directly to your computer. If you're getting slow wireless speeds that's probably not a Cox issue. Wireless is always problematic especially in crowded areas like apartment buildings.

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    We have the same issues in my area. Their cable is the same according to my grandmother. The only thing they're good at is creating contract loopholes. We can't even access our own router admin page which I was told that I could IF I upgraded. I call customer service and they say we're not supposed to be given access to that?! It's not even set to the default password/username that CO× website says it should be! So who the Heck has been using it? You're better off buying a LTE hotspot or 2 and running your whole house off of them. It would be cheaper and more honest!

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        You router needs to have a unique admin password and a unique WPA user WIFI  access password or anyone familiar with any brand knowledge can look on the web for the defaults and can break into your network wirelessly.

        it is also safer if you set a unique range of IP addresses and set a limit on the number of devices that can connect concurrently. Having anti-hacking software, an anti-virus and  a good software firewall and a system cleaner is a must nowadays.

        Always be careful of the wet sites you access and the emails your receive and if your security software is good, it will detect and block hack attempts and harmful sites. 

        I work in it support  and was helping my son add an access point this past weekend and spent 4 hours with a vendor support specialist trying to add the access point because he had been hacked and there were12 hack addresses listed in his router table.  We ended up buying advanced hacking software to the tune of $350 for lifetime subscription and support.

        Despite all the above precautions I had taken to set up his home network, someone with very advanced hacking expertise had found a weakness in his router setup and disabled several system and router services.  This typically can happen by accessing questionable sites.

        A word of advice is never keep personal, financial or medical information on a device and only on an external device that you only connect when needed  and have double backups. 


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    If you look at your contract with Cox, they don't promise 100% uptime.  Same kind of contract the place I work at does for customer web sites.  Although we try and for the last few years our uptime is always 98-99%; there are still times when things are out of our control.

    So, Yeah.  No refund for service outages.  Though I do agree COX needs to get off their collective <expletive> and get this fixed it's been over a year and absolutely no improvement in service.

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    Been having the same issues and getting the same run around. We've gotten a new modem from cox because that was their first go to and yet hear we still are months later and hundreds of dollars wasted still dealing with all day outages and spotty midnight connections only to be told we'll have to pay an additional $80 for them to come out and check on their service.

    Honestly planning on moving back out to the boonies of Hickory, we never had an issue with like this with Verizon. 

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      @Neurotikaus, I appreciate you reaching out to us today and we can look into this issue for you. Please send us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of the issue to -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
  • @MrGizmo, We can look into this concern for you. Please send us an email with your full name, address, and a link to this thread (or description of this issue) to -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    You can't spell "coxcomb" without C-O-X.