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3 years ago

Are there planned service interruption that require re-activation of account router?

I received a call from a Cox rep stating my internet was going to have a service interruption and he was calling to show me how to reactivate my account. Unfortunately, he can’t because I don’t use a computer only an iPad Pro Max. Any comment, is this a real issue?

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    Unless you opened a ticket with Cox, nobody should have called you.  If you had a scheduled outage, it would have affected a couple thousand customers.  Why would you be so special?

    Your equipment is already authorized and registered because you had initially activated it.  Did you give the "rep" any personal information?

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      Nope. I’m feeling much better about hanging up. Thank you

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    no, i had an issue a week ago when i went to cox site, a message "an outage in my area"....didn't affect phone/internet/cable tv for me.