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Recordings are randomly being deleted off my DVR

The problem with my Record 2 DVR is recordings (shows & movies) are randomly disappearing off my DVR without being deleted and they do not show up in the deleted file. I can’t tell you how many times I have unplugged the box and plugged it back in to reboot, done an automatic reset, had Cox do a reset, etc. and nothing helps or solves the issue.

One example is I’ve been recording the tv series Chucky since October 2022. I have 8 episodes recorded, all set to Save For 1 Year, and episode 3 randomly deleted itself 1 month after the recording. Now episode 2 has mysteriously deleted itself as well. Episodes 1 and 4-8 are still saved on my Contour saved recordings list. So saving a show or movie with the option of “Save For 1 Year” does absolutely nothing since it still gets deleted/disappears by itself without me physically deleting the show or movie.

I just swapped out my old Record 2 DVR box at the end of August 2022 for a new Record 2 DVR box and now the same thing is happening with this new “refurbished” box that was happening with my old box that I had.

I seriously think this is being done on purpose to get us to go to the box that records to the cloud, which is additional money. Everyone I spoke to at Cox about this issue either says the box should not be automatically deleting shows & movies and that’s it’s an issue with the box and needs to be replaced or they say they are baffled why recordings are randomly disappearing off my DVR.

For the money I pay per month for Cox this issue should not be happening, and not with two different boxes within 2 months of each other. 

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