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Cable doesn't work in the morning; system reboot

Four times in the past week, we have had to reboot our host DVR box several times to access cable. It shows as "No signal" on the tv initially then the box reboots over and over again until i unplug the power cord.  Eventually, it reboots successfully but this is easily 30 minutes of our time almost every morning. Anybody else experience this and, if so, is there a solution?

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  • This happened to me when I was watching tv late night last night. In fact it happens often. We reboot the main box at least once every other day. The picture freezes, the guide will not move up or down, and things that I have recorded pixelates or freezes also. Last night I spent 45 minutes rebooting, then decided to watch the contour app on my phone, but there was no internet. I tried rebooting the box for it but nothing worked, and I am getting ready to find some other way to watch tv and get internet.