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How to change TV inputs with new Contour-2 remotes?

I upgraded from Contour1 to Contour2 cable box.  With old remotes I could hit input button to select my TV input, then hit Select button. This worked with both my LG and my Sharp TVs.  

The new remotes don't work with either TV.  I can select the input I want but both TV require that I hit a select button. When I hit the OK button it does not affect either TV and only affects the new cable box.  How can I use the new remote to select my TV inputs?

  • If your TV requires you to hit a select button to switch the inputs, I don't think the contour 2 remote will help in this situation. All of the other buttons are used to control the cable box (except for volume and the TV button for power). You can keep hitting input to cycle through the inputs, but that is about it. If you happen to still have the Contour 1 remote, you can still use that for input functions (that is what I do myself).

    Cox Support Forum Moderator
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