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Data Light Yellow

Data light on my Contour Box is a steady yellow, beginning yesterday. I reset it and it went off.Today when I turned it on it was back to yellow. This is reported on DSL Reports as well. What gives?


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  • This is a known issue with the XG1 Receiver on both Cox and Xfinity. I believe Arris is working on a firmware update fix to be released fairly soon. The best fix for now that KEEPS the Data light out is to go to Device Settings then turn the Power Light Brightness to 0 (zero/off). Leave it there. The Clock will STILL work. The Data light will not come back on even if you turn the box off then on again. You will just have to use the box with the power light off. No big deal. This will keep the Data light off also. Obviously, you will know the unit is on when your TV is working. You will still be able to turn the box on and off with the front panel power switch manually. You can also turn the box on with your remote or off by using the voice command "Power Down" then selecting the on-screen option to shut down now. I tried everything else and this is the only thing that keeps the Data light out. Please note that this solution will also turn the red record light off. Recording functions will still work, however. I will update this post if the Data light returns again after a prolonged time. The Power Saver setting makes no difference. I am sure this will only be a temporary issue until the firmware update arrives. I hope this helps.