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Nomorobo now available in only a few select Cox markets

Nomorobo now lists Cox as a carrier for their service.  However, I subsequently signed up for Nomorobo only to find out that simultaneous ring is only available in a few select Cox markets.  Any idea when simultaneous ring will be available in the Hampton Roads, VA market?  Thanks.

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  • correctly indicated that his/her phone service was on the eMTA packet-switching service to the premises

    As you repeatedly compared to your service, how did you know it was a packet-switch service?  Cox was re-engineering your voice from circuit- to packet-switch (Cox Voice).  Nomo requires SimRing...SimRing requires CV...CV is packet-switch.

    From your month-to-month rants about Nomo, you assumed it should work because you installed an eMTA.  However, it didn't work and you couldn't fathom why.  Now it's available to you so next you'll complain how it doesn't block your calls.  I'm looking forward to those rants.