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2 months ago

When will cox mobile support Google Pixel phones wi-fi calling?

When we switched to cox mobile from Verizon we were told that in home wi-fi calling was supported.  Apparently it is only supported on iPhone and Samsung phones.  We need this capability because our home does not have good connectivity to a cell tower. We knew this and made the decision to switch because of the wi-fi calling capability of cox.

I have already escalated this through support and they have no answer except to refer to the web page linked above . Samsung phones were enabled in August 2023. 

I also asked about network extenders which we used to use with Verizon before they rolled out wi-fi calling. Cox mobile does not support network extenders.  I know wi-fi calling is possible because we used to have it with Verizon on the same phones we currently have.

When will cox mobile roll out in-home wi-fi calling for other android devices like a Google Pixel 7?

If there is no firm date or at least a target date, then we will need to switch providers again.

Extremely disappointed.



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  • Hi AllanD, 


    thank you for reaching out to the Social Media Team and being a valued Cox family member. I understand how frustrating these issues must be for you, however, our Forums are for our customers to assist each other with service issues that they have experienced and may be able to help resolve them, For assistance with Cox Mobile issues, please visit our website: or contact us at 1-800-234-3993. 


    Thank you for your patience, 



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