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2 months ago

Call History Takes Hours to Update

For the last few days it has been taking a few hour after a call until it appears on the call history.  It used to take about 15 minutes.  Will this be fixed?

  • The problem may have been fixed.  Last night the default 30 day report was still missing calls so I did a 120 day report and most, but not all, the missing calls from the prior 4 days appeared.  Three calls this morning all appeared on the report within 15 minutes in addition to 3 old calls that were still missing last night. 

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  • Hi, there. I sincerely apologize for the delay with the call history. I am glad to look into it for you. Please email us the physical address and any other pertinent information to with your name and a copy of this forum message. We really want to get you back up and running.

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      It will take awhile.  Received a call 10 minutes ago but did not answer it and I want to report how long it took to appear on the call history.  An earlier call was about 2 hours ago but I don't have the exact time.

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    My Call History updated for an outgoing call in 8 minutes.

      An incoming call updated Call History in 13 minutes.

  • I emailed the following info to a few minutes ago. 

    These are all incoming calls from yesterday, 4/11/2024.  All times are PDT

    Received      On History

    9:26 AM        3:41 PM   6 hours 15 minutes later

    11:25 AM       has not appeared on history  21 hours after call

     4:46 PM        7:30 AM next day.  Had not appeared prior to bedtime

     4:51 PM        7:30 AM next day.  Had not appeared prior to bedtime

     5:03 PM         has not appeared on history 15 hour after call

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      Thanks for your email, MasterMyDomain. We'll get to the bottom of this for you!

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        Brian at Cox Help emailed me that he submitted a ticket to the back office team this afternoon.

        Tonight I did a test on an outgoing call and it appeared on the call history in 15 minutes.  I did the test because the previous outgoing call appeared in less than 90 minutes but it was probably faster than that because after the call I ate dinner and didn't run the call history during that time. 

        Incoming calls are still taking several hours.  Of four that have not yet appeared on the call history, one call was 28 hours ago, another 12 hours ago, and 2 were 3 hours ago.

        I also sent an email about the problem we had in  August of 2022 when my call history stopped working, giving a message  "We are currently experiencing technical difficulties...." then "Error while fetching call records."  It took 4 months to get it fixed (8/15-12/8/2022).  It failed shortly after fixing a buffering problem.  It was down for so long I lost a few calls that were older than 120 days (I hadn't downloaded the call history for several days prior to the failure).  Perhaps whatever caused that may be causing the current problem, corrupted records or something.