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Robo calls out of control

Hi, robo call frequency on Cox phone has greatly increased recently. I get 10-20 calls a day. Please make the necessary changes to enable "nomorobo" as soon as possible.
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  • It's likely an industry-wide problem.  Comcast is at the top of the donors list with Cox at #2.  That's just for Virginia though- but I think it's a very good bet that the problem isn't just a local one.

    We can harp on Cox ad nauseum but a major part of the problem belongs with our government "representation" who take the big bucks from providers like Cox and Comcast to enact policies that do not represent our best interest- and to keep in place a monopolistic business environment that shields these providers from competition which would potentially be a catalyst for better options, attentive customer service, and some control over pricing.

    nichollsvi said: is the problem we have. If our politicans didn't take Coxs' money (which is basically money we pay them), we would not have this problem.

    I'm asking why Cox, who for YEARS has been unable to put in protections, won't let those of us who have already made our exit plans, to release us early. Its all about the money. As soon as my phone is up, I'm moving on. No more.

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