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Robo Calls

When is cox going to support this - Simultaneous Ringing

The BS calls from Robo Callers is so annoying.

If COX does not i guess we should change to a different company. Seems COX is dragging their feet and doesn't care about their customer's annoying phone calls?

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    Does anyone have Cox Business Phone? I know that has Sim. ring, but I haven't heard of anyone actually using it with Nomorobo. Knowing if it works there would atleast tell us if Cox is even close to getting it. Right now it's just not compatible with their eMTA firmware. The only features which are:

    Call Feature Support ● Caller ID
    ● Call Waiting with Caller ID
    ● Cancel Call Waiting
    ● Call Conferencing (3-way calls)
    ● Configurable hook flash support
    ● Distinctive Ringing (Configurable for up to 11 ring patterns per phone line)
    ● Ring Splash
    ● Stutter Dial Tone
    ● Off hook warning tone
    ● Open Switch Interval support to enhance answering machine compatibility
    ● Configurable star codes
    ● Euro/US hook-flash type
    ● Call transfer
    ● Message Waiting Indicator
    ● Warm Line
    ● Call Forwarding Unconditional
    ● Call Forwarding on Busy
    ● Call Forwarding No Answer
    ● Call return
    ● Redial Call
    ● Automatic redial
    ● Other call features available with compliant CMS or gateway

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    I agree - I've asked several customer service reps about this over the past two years, and still nothing from Cox. You can get a VOIP number from Vonage or something similar that will allow you to use Nomorobo.
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    Cox Communications does not listen to its customers I have been one over for over 25 years and they will not listen to me or anyone on this issue. I suspect once they see this thread they will immediately lock it so that the thousands of customers who have a problem with robo calls (for which cox offers ancient non working solutions) cannot comment.

    Cox claims they cannot offer "Simultaneous Ring" which they can but simply refuse to do, if they tell you anything to the contrary its complete fiction. Every other voip company has it and all of them also offer nomorobo so that the calls we get from India etc. are blocked.

    Cox will say "sign up for the national do not call list". That will not work for you because the calls are from outside the USA. Cox knows this but does not care they just spew garbage at us.

    Cox will also say they have selective call blocking (they charge for this feature) and you can block up to 30 numbers or some nonsense. That also will not work even if you could block unlimited numbers you would get the same amount of robo calls always from a different number so here we can establish that cox is not consumer focused they are revinue focused they want to sell us a feature that does not even work.

    COX Corporate customer service was not helpful either they spew the same garbage at us. Now COX, do what you do best and lock this thread. Hide your heads in the sand like ostriches. Hide under your desks and pretend this is all going to just go away...