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Robo calls

This is probably the 5th time I am asking what is your plan to inhibit robo calls that are so annoying?  My brother in Washington state has an intercept when his number is dialed which states "this number does not accept solicitation calls, if you are a solicitor hang up, if you are not press 2 to continue ."  This way the phone never rings as the computer senses an out going message and hangs up, why can't COX provide this service?  I am at the point of canceling my home phone service. 

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    Please email us at with your full address so we can submit your suggestion. If you have not already registered your number, you can add your number at do not call registry.

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  • I just asked "Chat" same question & answer was the usual - Cox does not currently offer Simultaneous Ring which is required for Nomorobo to function but we do offer other options. "Other options" turned out to be National registry & blocking "private" calls which of course the scammers & solicitors have found ways around w/fake caller ID nos. I suspect Cox has some financial advantage in not blocking them. Looks like switching provider or cancelling landline are only options. I am livid - especially given Cox's  ridiculous fees. 

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    We get robocalls constantly and we are registered with the do not call registry. Up to 10 calls a day. This is getting ridiculous. Phone customers have been requesting access to Nomorobo for more than 3 years now and Cox is ignoring their customers. About to change providers.

  • I'm going to fire Cox again, first time I went to MagicJack, but  my wife wanted more features.  Now I'm going to go to Vonage.

    They support Nomorobo.

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    G,  I don't know how much it costs to get nomorobo.  I would gladly pay for it.  in the meantime, I bought a home phone that blocks 250 numbers.  the newest one blocks 300.   now that people are switching to cell phones instead of land lines, there doesn't seem to be a limit on the number of blocks you can put on some cell phones.