GMAIL emails not being received to cox email

My son's emails from Gmail are all of sudden not arriving to my Cox email.  We checked the settings and nothing's changed, no forwarding or blocking issues.  I also had a couple people email me to test and their non gmail's arrived.  

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  • Hello Betty. I'm very sorry to hear that you aren't receiving your son's emails. If you are receiving emails from others but not from your son after already checking your webmail settings, then the issue is most likely on his end. Do you know if if he getting any errors when sending email to you? Our servers are designed to automatically deliver an email to the sender if their email doesn't make it to your inbox. It will give the reason for the error as well. if he's not getting an error from us then it's probably not even making it to our servers. Please let us know what you find.

    Cox Forum Moderator
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