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Upload Horrible

I have an ARRIS SURFboard SB8200A that is 4 years old. I have a RT-AC3100 router. Gigabit Ethernet package

There are days that are good and days that are bad. Download is usually around the 500-700 mark. It is the upload that is BAD. But it isnt all the time, and I dont know if there is any consistency to the times when it works or when it is really bad.

I use to test. When it is really bad, I sit under 1 upload, and other times it is <5. There are sometimes when it is the 30+ that it should be, but more often than not it is under.

Cox support suggests buying a new modem. I just dont feel like spending the money to keep going on a merry go round of problems that has been my Cox service. 

Any thoughts or input that has helped you or anyone you know?

  • I don't think that a new modem would help. I've been through three different modems at this point, and it's not like the current modem is incapable of reaching 35 Mbps upload... it's just not available to me most of the time, like you describe. I've been having issues with my upload for several months now, but it's been almost unusable for the past 6 weeks. I've had days where I can't even do voice calls with friends and family because the upload drops so low. Customer service upgraded me to a gigablast package as a trial because this was affecting my business, and unfortunately my upload speeds were literally no different, sitting around 0-5 Mbps most of the day. I can no longer reach an American call center to get me off the upgraded plan (which was meant to be a trial) or reimburse me.

    I had serious issues with my upload once before, and the problem that time ended up being damaged lines at a few other homes in the area. Whenever those people used the internet, it would create upstream noise and mess up everyone else's connection. My upload was perfect for several months after the lines were fixed, but this time I've been through literally a dozen tech visits with no change. I would honestly suggest trying another service provider if you can. I'm looking forward to moving next year and not dealing with Cox any more.

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