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Gold Standard Instructions For Replacing Current Combo Modem/ Router With New NETGEAR - Nighthawk CAX30 AX2700 Wi-Fi 6 Cable Modem Router

I want to make this as painless and foolproof as possible when the time comes. Unit is already Cox approved.

I can go on the Cox website and I found two links. I get the feeling however they may be talking about modems that you get from Cox and this is not the case. I'll be purchasing the Nighthawk.

Are there better DIY instructions on how to pull the plug on my current working modem and plug in the new one via Ethernet to get it working and registered with Cox?

I guess I can always call up support and ask them for help but I wanted to see what you all had to say first. TIA.

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  • I get the feeling however they may be talking about modems that you get from Cox

    Are you referring to this line in the first link:  "If you did not purchase your modem new from a third-party retailer but instead purchased or received it in used condition...?"

    Cox is just referring to lost or stolen modems.  There may be either a blacklist via MAC or a conflict with a servicing address.  If it's used and won't register, just call Cox to research why.

    You can purchase whatever DOCSIS you want from anywhere...just as long as its make & model is approved and not reported as lost, stolen or conflicted.

    Normally when you purchase from a Cox Store, the rep (sometimes) should register your account for a "self-install" and when you get home, connect it and should register.

    However, if you purchase from somewhere else, you won't get registered for a self-install.  In this case, just connect, call Cox and navigate to whatever option to register a new device.  This will lead you to a techie somewhere around the country...and not a sales rep (yuck!).

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