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2 years ago

Connecting MoCA to Nighthawk Mesh 6

I have an internet only account with Cox that has a coax entry to the house.  I bought a Nighthawk Mesh 6 that requires an ethernet connection.  So, I bought a ScreenBeam MoCA converter.  When I plug the coax into the ScreenBeam, the Coax never registers.  Is there something I"m missing?  Does COX need to update my new modem?  When I use the old Netgear router, I can run the ethernet to the mesh box, but it is really iffy about when it wants to work.  I'd rather use the new mesh boxes than the Neatgear router, but so far I can't get wifi without the old router standing in the middle.  Any suggestions?

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    Mesh is Wifi, not MoCA. What other item do you have that is MoCA? What model modem and router do you have?

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      I have a Nighthawk Mesh Wifi 6 Router MR60.  It requires an ethernet connection for the service.  My COX line into the house is coax.  I guess I need to figure out how to convert the coax to ethernet - I assumed that a MoCA box would be required.

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        You need to purchase a MODEM. You can connect the modem ethernet port to the Nighthawk mesh ethernet port. 

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    When I plug the coax into the ScreenBeam, the Coax never registers.

    Could Cox register a modem through a MoCA adapter?