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4 months ago

Cox New Yahoo Email Starts Now

Well went to check Cox email, and guess what ? I had to make the move to yahoo email. Couple of things learned by my mistakes. 

  1. You will have to change your email password so have one ready.
  2. Don't sign into your phone and computers until you have made sure you are established in the new yahoo account.
  3. Was kinda pain free. Will have to learn new ways of doing things, but what else is new.
  4. Little more difficult if you already have a Yahoo email account, but you can work around it with a little thought.
  5. If anyone learns new tricks to change over list them here so we don't have to hunt all over for them. GOOD LUCK

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    6. When setting up account on iPhone mail. when you go to set-up mail in settings. If you have a Yahoo email already, you will see a Yahoo banner. Even if you already have a yahoo email account on your IPhone go ahead and click the Yahoo banner. When asked for email enter the cox one ******* and then it will ask for password. Enter it and say okay. Now you will see a new email in accounts on your IPhone of ******* You can now check email from your Cox Account on your IPhone.

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      Thanks for this info. I researched a few other "remedies" offered elsewhere about fixing the iPhone / Cox email problem and was stuck on reconfiguring my Cox mail on my iPhone (which didn't work) and NOT adding a new account in Yahoo on the phone. I followed your tip and was up and running in a couple of minutes. I already had a Yahoo account on the phone and now the Cox account is just designated"*****" along with my Gmail & Yahoo accounts. (I did delete my Cox account on the phone first and then followed your tip) Thanks!