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Gigablast Isn't

When first I subscribed to Gigablast, my download speeds from the modem ranged around 750-850mbps.  Over the last year, I've noticed it has slowed.  Over the past 90 days or so, its dropped to 350 to 550.

I have contacted tech support four times to learn the problem.  I eventually get cut-off on both chat and speaking over the phone...and nothing gets resolved.  I specifically asked if I'm being 'throttled' but they tell me they don't do that.

There have been no equipment changes and, other than an occasional firmware update for the mesh router, nothing else has been altered here.  Is there a secret handshake, a tip jar or bribe account anybody may know about to get Tech Support to actually help?  

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  • So my issue is somewhat resolved but not because of any help from Cox.

    I ran a brand new RG6 line direct from my modem to the DMARC.  Cox’s DMARC includes a line filter to block TV (no issue there) but then had a splitter that was rusted and falling apart.  I removed the splitter and connected directly to the line filter.

    I rebooted my modem and began testing.  Most of the errors are gone and the connection hasn’t gone down once since then.  I still see channel errors and speed fluctuations which can be attributed to additional line issues on Cox’s side.  A tech visit was scheduled for yesterday to check Cox’s side.  I got two text messages saying the tech was on route to my house.  No one ever showed up and magically the call status was showing resolved as of this morning.  How can the tech resolve a call that they NEVER SHOWED UP FOR?!?

    I called back in this morning to report this but I got no indication that anything would be done about it.

    Moral of the story?  Fix it yourself if you can because Cox support will not be there to help you.  I’m very disappointed to say the least…