Potential Class Action - Phoenix/North Phoenix Arizona Internet Instability

I'm just curious, if anyone has been having a terrible time with gaming/video streaming with their internet in the North Phoenix area.

I'm pretty confident this is an infrastructure issue in my neighborhood specifically, but i'm genuinely curious if others have been having similar experiences. 

Here's my story. 

I lived in Tempe AZ, and in North Phoenix in my last two homes. Both had FTTH (Fiber to the home). 

My most recent location, was Tempe.

While I had FTTH Gigablast, I had no issues what so ever. 

I recently purchased a home in North Phoenix near 19th Ave and Union Hills and this is the disaster i've experienced. 

When I moved, I transferred my service. I was told that my service would be exactly the same, and that I would have no issues. I was also told my plan wouldn't change at all. During this process, no one mentioned that on Docsis 3.1, upload speeds would be capped to 35mbps. Not only that, but I lost my unlimited bandwidth that I was grandfathered into because I "changed hardware", and moved from FTTH, to Docsis 3.1. Because of that, my bill was $10 more, I lost out on unlimited bandwidth, AND, my upload was capped. I argued that, because of that, my plan is infact changing, and this is no longer the gigablast I had. I spoke with many technicians, many people in sales, and many people in retention. All told me "Well, it's the same gigablast service, so your plan isn't changing."

Since then, i've had constant issues. It's been consistent packet loss all throughout the day. It's completely intermittent, however, it's often. It's literally all throughout the day. It ranges from 1%-15%. Hard ping spikes, latency variations, etc. This has been happening non stop since January. 

I've had probably 4-5 technicians come out, as well as multiple lvl2 (or lvl3) techs come out that drive the bucket trucks. 

So far, i've tried buying multiple cable modems, i've tried multiple routers, i've tried using Cox's "Panoramic Wifi" combo modem/router. I've updated all my cabling to new Cat 6 cabling. Nothing worked, same issue. I've had the line that runs to the junction, to my home, replaced. ga

I've had multiple higher level technicians explain there was an issue with the upload node. I see bucket trucks out here in my neighborhood often. The last technician I spoke with explained that they've fixed the issue. However, I JUST spoke to the retention department who explain so far this month we've had 7 outage incidents that she can pull up. This retention expert also game be "Elite Gamer" for free, JUST to try and to test with. As the last tech who told me i'm basically screwed until FTTH told me I should try that. I told him "If my internet was working correctly, you wouldn't need to try to upsell me something I know for a FACT wouldn't make a difference". Well, I tried the "Elite Gamer" thing today, and immediately started experiencing the same issues, and Elite Gamer shows within that yes..infact i'm experiencing problems.

The most recent technician that I had come out (who I think was lvl2 and he came out with a guy in a bucket truck), told me that, unfortunately Cox wont do anything about it unless you're seeing constant 20% packet loss, or until they start running FTTH in my neighborhood. Mind you, my neighborhood is down the street from one of the previous neighborhoods I lived in with FTTH. Cox not doing anything until there's 20% packet loss is crazy to me, as at that point you basically don't have a functioning service. And ontop of that, there are NO resources, no one i've been able to contact, about plans for FTTH in my neighborhood. I can't even get information about if any other issues have been reported in my neighborhood, or if the technicians have plans on replacing the failing infrastructure. Apparently, only the technicians with the bucket trucks have that information. And the last one I spoke with basically said "Yea we fixed it, so now there's nothing we can do until there's FTTH in your area"

At this point, I don't know what to do. I'm paying for an incredibly shotty service that no one within Cox seems to care to fix. Is there any representitive who can help me here with resources to contact to speak about bringing FTTH to our area, what that process looks like, if it goes through city counsil, or is it purely Cox's decision with timelines, etc. Or, any local legal experts that have skin in this game specifically dealing with ISP's and poor service? Any other local north Phoenix residents experiencing this same issue? 

This has to be the WORST experience i've had with any ISP ever, and i've had FiOS and Century Link.