Not getting Internet signal To modem

They had an upgrade in my area Thursday 7/30 & I’m still not getting a signal to my modem. I’ve contact support multiple times & they keep blaming it on my router. I contacted Motorola they said nothing wrong. I bout a netgear still no signal after it was activated & ended up with a number to call netgear. I called netgear & there just as confused as I am. Nothing wrong with the router. Modem just isn’t getting a signal. Who can I escalate this too. I’m down & COVID is requiring me to work from home so I need service 

  • Unfortunately it sounds like you may need to have a technician come out to check for a signal problem. Feel free to email us at and we'll be happy to assist further.

  • I woke up yesterday to the same problem.  I need my router working so I have access to my printer and IP phone for Work-at-Home.  I have NetGear AC2600 router that has been working with no issue since November '19.  Cox won't answer the phone for support, Chat is not available and I'm not sure my Cox email is working either.  Cox Modem won't talk to my router, wireless and direct connect to LAN ports work fine.

  • I suffered the same problem...they offered to fix it for $75 one time fee for a technician to come look and a possible extra $10 fee a month for continued tech help. Best solution: find internet elsewhere if it is at all possible. 

  • Have either of you tried connecting direct to the modem?  Also, what model modem and router do you have?

  • I agree with Mouth.  Start troubleshooting at the modem first and after confirming it gets a signal, move onto the router.

    First, direct wire a device to the WAN port of the modem and open a browser.  You may need to disconnect router from modem and reboot the modem before direct connecting device.