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Daily Intermittent Connection Loss - Louisiana

My internet connection randomly losses internet connection several times throughout the day. Both the wired and wireless internet drops; the connection to the router is still active, but it just says "No internet connection". Similar issues to these threads, all that don't seem answered:

I currently have Gigablast, but the internet connection loss also happened when I had 150gbps download speed. 

I had a tech replace my original new Panoramic router/modem for a new one, same issue. 

The bandaid fix is to unplug the Panoramic router/modem, but I can't keep doing this several times a day. 

Cox support has been zero help in the past year I've experienced the issue. When I call or chat with the Cox support, they tell me everything looks fine if there end, and to unplug the Panoramic modem/router and plug it back in. When I tell them that doesn't solve the issue long term or even later that day, they say a tech needs to come out. When a tech comes out, they say there is nothing they can do. An endless cycle i've been in for months. Past two times the field techs have just been skipping the appointment times all together as no shows. 

I believe there is an infrastructure issue in the lines outside my house. Is there thing I can do the get Cox to help? Thanks for any advice.