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Upload Speed Issues (Once Again) in the Las Vegas Area

I've been experiencing intermittent upload speed issues since October. Before October my connection was flawless; since then my upload speed varies wildly throughout the day. Some days my upload speed is worthless; I'm a streamer and content creator and I am constantly unable to work. Cox has recommended ONCE AGAIN to send a tech to my home to inspect; but what is he going to do? My specific issue has warranted 3 tech visits, all of which "replaced lines". However the problem persists. Had a Cox tech configure the Cox modem, still had issues... Cox tech confirmed my equipment is not the culprit... Still have issues. 

I might have 2-3 days in a row with no upload speed issues, then the next day I'll wake up, do a speedtest and get 5mbps up. My download is NEVER effected. 

It's clear that this forum is flooded with upload speed complaints, it appears nationwide; but many of them are coming from the Las Vegas market. I'm at my ends wits with Cox unable to fulfill their service duties on a consistent basis. I know Cox is capable of running consistent speeds because I've received them from Cox in the past. However it seems like something is seriously "broken" on the Cox side. It doesn't take much looking around here on these forums to determine that, #1 I'm not the only customer having this EXACT issue and #2 Cox customers are continuously finding evidence that Cox IP's are in fact the culprit. 

My question is, what is Cox planning to do to properly restore consistent upload speeds to its users. It's a very sad day where I have to make the decision to not renew my lease on a place that I love and move out of the region entirely to find an ISP that actually maintains its infrastructure, installs fiber and doesn't constantly blame its customers for its own shortcomings. But that's the decision I keep coming back to because I am UNABLE to work as a professional with Cox Communications as my local ISP. 

Please advise. 

  • Also in Vegas, also been experiencing this same issue since October.  First time posting about it, been hoping it would fix it self.  Are you also experiencing packet loss on the upload side? 

  • Hello HandsomeChef, Your modem is up and running with a good signal. However, the modem is reporting some packet loss and that will cause an issue with your upload speeds. I do recommend having a tech come out to resolve this issue for you. Please send us an email with your name, address, and a link to this thread to so we can get this process started for you. Thanks. -Allan Cox Support Forums Moderator.
  • Yes HChef...this internet speed issue has a lot of's one thing to have slower test results, and another where users like you "Experience"  the slow or zero speed.  I'm here in OC and although not a gamer, I have noticed the Upload Cox test to go down to 4-6 in the past month.  It went back up 11.1 about 2wks ago and steady so far.  So what happened to my area...COX must have cleaned up a fitting or switch/box or added a signal booster or even changed the filter that they use to control the speed for the different users purchased tiers.

    To OC (227/11.2), LV (218/5.2), Wichita (70.7/6.0) and NewEng (24.2/11).  I know these further servers are miles away, so I would expect my downloads to be slower, However, why would NewEng at 11 be the same as my OC.  Since the physical lines to/from these places are the same, ISP's must place Filters to slow down the traffic or COX has bad/loose connectors along specific lines.  Since we all have issues just going from the street to our possible faulty modem/routers, imagine COX and all other ISP trying to connect across the country with lines/boxes and connectors.  What a headache.

    It has to be in the COX lines because using different Test tools to some of these areas sometimes you get quite different results.  COX tells you to login to your account then run the speedtest....apparently it gives them data...I wonder.

    I did some searching on download/up

    Cox reports your modem has good signals but Packet loss is reported.  I wonder what tool they use to see packet losses to your modem.   I've use pingplotter, CMD ping and tracert but if any report a problem, it's usually downstream.  Now a modem log does report Correctable/UnCorrectables....maybe thats the measure....

  • I'm so glad I found this thread. I've been having THE SAME exact issue. Most people aren't reporting it because they don't need the upload speed. I stream on Twitch though and my upload has been abysmal. The most recent outage/maintenance they did took it down to 1.5 mb upload speed when I'm paying for 30. I've had 6 tech appointments and they can't connect to my modem using their $5,000 testing device so they blame my modem. I've gotten the SAME results using a test modem provided by Cox though. It's **. I'm fairly certain it's a node issue and that they're TRYING to address it at the moment with all the outages and maintenance.

    Just got off the phone with their "advanced" resolution department. Their advice was to switch to a business account haha what a joke! I asked what the reliability is for their residential service and he said "I don't know you'll have to talk to sales".