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Service Oversold in Irvine, CA. CMTS response time fluctuates wildly

It appears that Cox does not have the infrastructure to support usage at peak hours near my location.  This results in highly degraded service in the afternoon until later at night.  Some investigation strongly suggests that what I assume is the CMTS is badly overloaded.  These results were taken around 7:00pm.

When attempting to talk to Customer Support about this, they insist on just resetting my modem, and talking to anyone with any knowledge about the subject matter seems impossible.

If my service is going to be degraded, and indeed unusable for several hours a day for anything response-time sensitive, then I expect that I should be paying a 'degraded' bill...

  • Thank you mkautzm for bringing this up. I live in Rancho Santa Margarita and have the same issue. It seems to correspond to the time when all the kids get home in the afternoon until later in the evening. Every time I call I get the same get the response "reset your modem". I had a cox person come out only to be told that my equipment was old and outdated (Arris TG2472) and that it was not supported anymore. There was no specific remedy offered. So I too have been paying for Panoramic service but not getting it. 

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