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Multiple Issues Over The Last 11 Days In Las Vegas Area

I live in the Enterprise, Las Vegas area and have been told by tech support that for the last 11 days there have been regular intermittent outages. When I ask tech support when these outages will be resolved, they say they don't have access to that information. These outages have caused my upload speeds to either fluctuate wildly or drop out completely. I've had 3 techs out here over the last 11 days; the first said the lines in my front yard were loose, she tightened them and left. Shortly after she left the speeds dropped out again. No fix.

Call tech support again, you blamed me for my equipment, so I went and got the gigablast cox modem. The second tech came in the next day and said there was heat damage to one of the outside lines, which he replaced; he then scheduled a contractor to come by that day and replace the entire line, which happened. This second tech ruled out that my equipment was the problem because we had the same issues on the Cox modem. He took the modem back with him. No fix.

The third tech came out this morning, not aware of my situation in the least, once again, blaming my equipment, then telling me I would never get the speeds I want without a Fiber line. No fix. 

I've had this account for the past two months, all of Sept. and the beginning of Oct. I was receiving 800+ dl / 35up, very very steady. Starting on the 17th my upload speed began dropping out (pretty much for the entirety of the day). My download speed also fluctuates wildly in these times. 


Gigablast Speed

Wired connection thru a Motorolla Docsis 3.1 MB8600 Modem 

Google Meshing Router 

PC - MSI GS63VR Stealth Pro 

I've replaced all of my ethernet cables, tried Cox configured equipment, had front lines replaced by Cox techs and have had my account "red flagged". However until these daily outages go away I figure I'll still be dealing with this. Are outages every day for 11 days a usual occurrence for Cox? I was told these were all unscheduled outages; why would Cox not make an announcement to effected customers when the issues drag on like this?

I've eaten up about 15 hours of your tech support time on the phone for no resolution. Does Cox actually want to resolve this issue, and if so why do you keep sending level 1 tech's who are unaware of my situation out to my home to "restart my modem" and "get the cox modem" and "you need fiber" but "oh hey we don't offer fiber in your area". 

My biggest problem here is that I'm a streamer, it's my career and I work from home. I haven't been able to work in the past 8 days now and counting and will have to make a drastic change soon if Cox is unable to provide me the speeds and consistency I'm paying for. 

Incredibly frustrated customer. 

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