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No Sign of Maintenance Crew, Internet Out for Approx. 8 Days

I just had a tech come out and check out why my internet was out for almost 8 days yesterday. He said the problem was that the line between the sidewalk and my house is no good and needs to be replaced. He said he sent in a work order so that the maintenance crew can come this morning. I didnt get his name, but I havent seen the maintenance crew come out yet. Has it been moved to another day or am I just not going to have internet forever?

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  • Just called twice today to see if the work order got placed. The ticket was set but there was no specific time. Asked them to come today at around 4pm. Said the dispatch team needs confirmation before coming and would call when they would be on their way. Still no sign of maintenance crew and its almost closing hours. At this point, im just going to cancel Cox and get a new ISP.